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Project Description
This project uses the new Client-Side Rendering (CSR) technique in SharePoint 2013 to replace the standard list-view of an Announcements list with a Carousel (aka Slider).

The project is also created using the new SharePoint-App model introduced by SharePoint 2013, creating a SharePoint-hosted App. See this blog post for more technical details, and submit your comments/suggestions:

Basically it combines a series of useful techniques to deploy via a standalone solution the custom list (based on the out-of-the-box Announcements list), create a new instance of the list, create (and set as default) the new custom list-view which as soon as it is activated, transform the out-of-the-box grid-based view into a cool (fully configurable via CSS and Javascript - also included) carousel.

Everything you need to execute and use the project is included in the source code.

Simply hoping it shall serve as a learning example for anyone discovering all the newest additions for the Developers in SharePoint 2013.

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